Emmanuel’s outreach falls into two categories: local and global.

In local outreach, we seek to reach out to the lost immediately around us. This means cultivating compassion, courage and competence in sharing Christ and our own salvation stories.

Our global outreach aims to play its part in reaching all tribes, tongues, peoples and nations with Christ. Our aim is to encourage and mobilize many to be joyful goers, and all to be passionate senders. Our specific focus as a church is church planting among unreached people. Accordingly, we support the following international mission partners:

Redeemer church in Croydon, London. Redeemer is a young(ish) church plant with a vibrant ministry, strategically placed to reach immigrants from around the world who arrive in London never having heard the gospel of Christ.

Radius International. Radius is an American organization based in Mexico which provides pre-field training for those who are heading overseas to plant churches among unreached language groups. 

A family [names and location withheld]. This family is seeking to plant a church among an unreached language group in East Asia, in a creative access country. More information is available upon request.

A family [names and location withheld]. This family is seeking to plant a church among a people group in West Asia of 800,000 people and 0 churces. More information is available upon request.

What does this look like practically?

In our global outreach, we pray for these mission partners, support them financially, keep in touch with them, have them visit Emmanuel when possible, and plan on sending out trips to help and encourage them. Regarding local outreach, we encourage each other in personal evangelism, seek to make Emmanuel events (especially Sunday services) opportunities for seekers to encounter Christ, and take other outreach opportunities downtown.

Join us as we pursue making disciples of Christ for the glory of God, the most significant and fulfilling mission in the universe!

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