Standing Strong

At the end of his second missionary journey, Paul encountered the city of Ephesus. Through a series of extraordinary events, he watched as many were converted to Christ. Soon the sweep of the gospel across the city was causing businesses which supported idol worship to fail, and Paul had to leave after a riot. But the church had been established.   

Paul never forgot his experiences in Ephesus. Years later, while imprisoned and awaiting trial in Rome, he wrote to the church. His letter aimed to strengthen the Ephesians and make them mature in their faith.   

His letter is a deep dive into the magnificent truths at the heart of our faith, followed by a wide range of highly practical applications for our lives. In particular it lays out God's blueprint for the church. How much spiritual growth have you experienced recently? Allow the letter of Ephesians to inspire and strengthen you as we set out on the Emmanuel adventure together. 

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